Welcome to My Website


Welcome to my website, Landscapes You Love!

My website is designed to showcase original paintings for sale, and show examples of art already sold which may inspire you to choose similar kinds of paintings that I would enjoy creating for you.

Perhaps you have a special place which I could paint to enhance your home, or make a treasured gift or family heirloom? Whether it is a breath-taking international vista you experienced on your last vacation or your grandma’s down to earth country garden in the backyard, special places warm our hearts, capture our imaginations and just make us smile. In addition, prints and products are available through Fine Art America, or can be obtained custom made directly from me.

My heart’s motivation is to create colorful Landscapes You Love, stunning “Portraits of Nature” that can bring beauty into our sometimes gray and hectic lives. I start with photos of the scene or sometimes paint on location. Using acrylic paint, water and mediums, I choose colors that will enhance the mood of the subject. I begin with a good composition, laying in the background and progress to details which define and capture the imagination. I want to create a painting that inspires others to revel in the beauty of Creation, by portraying the spirit of a scene you love, a wonder of nature which touches your soul, awakens memories, brings peaceful tranquility, inspires awe and adventure, cultivates hope, and draws your heart closer to God.

God Bless You!
Lou Ann

About LouAnn

My inspiration comes from travels around the world. I currently live in Sarasota, Florida although I travel to Turkey quite often. I consider my art career a journey in progress. I believe that beautiful art expands the imagination and touches our soul. It lifts the spirit and fills our lives with colorful hope. I delight in making art as a spiritual expression that reflects the wonders of nature. All Creation is of the Divine Artist, God Himself. He is in fact the Source of all beauty and inspiration.

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