LouAnn Bagnall


Creek-In-Ohio-Where-I-Grew-UpI grew up in rural Ohio where I roamed the woods, gathered flower bouquets and played with frogs in the creek. My family had a huge vegetable garden, fruit trees and flowers, so early on I grew up with a deep love of nature and creativity. Like all kids, I loved to do creative things, but began to really love painting in my teens. By high school I had received local, state, and national art awards. I continued to learn through being mentored by several artists, and took courses and workshops, as I continue even to this day to develop my God given gift and distinctive style.

My acrylic landscapes lean toward realism, with impressionistic colors and brush strokes. I love painting woods, waterfalls, mountains, trees, flowers, gardens, bridges, old buildings, and stone ruins. Every place that you visit has a story to tell, and as an artist I attempt to capture such a story. I quiet my mind and engage my sense of adventure,” if only the trees could whisper, or if the ruins could speak; what a tale they would tell!” I love the traditional landscapes and charming Old World vistas convey a sense of awe and wonder, they’re classic and timeless, and will never go out of style. In High School

My inspiration comes from living in numerous places and traveling around America and the world. I am never without my camera and take zillions of photos since I can find beauty anywhere I go. I often travel to Turkey, which has become like my 2nd home. I’ve had several one-woman art shows in Turkey and have won awards in Europe as well. My art has been featured in numerous shows, galleries and businesses in the U.S. I currently live in Sarasota, Florida most of the year, which has inspired my bright, tropical landscapes. I’ve participated in numerous group shows in the area, with Art Target, Visual Arts Center, Rosemary Court, Art Frame, and Village of the Arts. Years ago I helped start “The Art Experience”, an artist’s group in which we do a certain subject every month. This has really inspired me to new heights and where I have received numerous 1st Place and People’s Choice awards. My work is currently featured at Melange Gallery in Venice, Leather Gallery in Sarasota, Paradise Cafe, Anna Maria Island and in my home studio.

At present, I consideIn My Studior my art career a journey in progress. My primary vocation is as a nurse caring for children with severe disabilities, and if possible I try to help them exercise their own creative gifts. I also enjoy and spend considerable time doing volunteer work overseas, where I am able to use my art, music and nursing skills to minister joy and encouragement to others. I have also authored several photo-journalistic books on my adventures in Turkey and China. I discovered a new-found creative joy pursuing the ancient art of mosaics. Blessing others with art, music, and creativity is a way of life. I believe that beautiful art expands the imagination, touches the soul, lifts the spirit and fills our lives with colorful hope. I delight in making art as a spiritual expression that reflects the wonders of nature; the creations of the Divine Artist, God Himself, who is in fact the Source of all beauty and inspiration.

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